Sports, Faith, Lifestyle

" Custom Sports Apparel and Lifestyle " 

Reppn' Greatness


Who is Thirty Four Culture?

We are a brand bringing together Sports, Faith, and Lifestyle. The "34" in 34Culture represents Co-owner Michelle Romeros', family's number passed down through her family. The "Culture" represents the type of Godly, Sports driven, Positive culture we are creating in the community and in the world. We are not just an apparel company. We are here to influence this generation in a positive way!

Why Thirty Four Culture? 

Thirty Four Culture is a hand made product tailored uniquely for each customer of ALL ages . You have the ultimate creative power to pick and choose exactly how your garment is made. Our products are made out of exotic fabrics with great quality. The Best service  " Don't worry about fitting in, when you are custom made." 




What do our Customers think?

“Love my jersey hoodie, will definitely be back for more!” - Aron G.
“I love my custom jacket. The lettering is so well stitched and well made. It’s cool to have a jacket that no one else has.” - Kelli E.
“Great service, great brand, great quality, will definitely be back!”